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Water Filtration Process

5 Stages to Pure Water
Our water filtration systems work according to this multi-level basic principle

Sediment Filter

Removes larger particles such as rust and residue from piping, fine grains of sand, small pieces of organic matter, clay particles or other solids.

Activated Carbon Filter

Remove unwanted colourants, flavours and odours. Absorbs chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates and other residues from industrial production, heavy metals, drug residues and microplastics.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

In this process, the water is forced under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane filters out residues of up to 97% and a size of up to 0.1 nm (nano-meters). What remains is pure water (H2O).

Remineralisation Post Filter

Minerals are added to your purified water which ensures a delicious taste and an optimal, slightly alkaline ph.

UV Lamp

Disinfects the pressureless drinking water tank at regular intervals and keeps the water fresh and clean.