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Water Filters for Hotels and Restaurants

Importance of using high quality water filter systems in Hotels and Restaurants

Water Filters for Hotels and Restaurants

Minimises risk of diseases

Purified water helps prevent stomach disorders and chances of infection

Filtered drinking water tastes better

Impure water contains substances that can make water smell bad, and have an unfavourable metallic taste

Enhances the taste of food

Clean, soft water when used in cooking maintains the quality and taste of food

Greater sustainability and savings

A fine water purification system is easy to maintain and prevents various stains and damages caused by impure water.

Best Choices for the hotel and restaurant industries

SBM Water Filter Systems for hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces are highly recommended by international customers. High-quality products, quick and easy installation along with seamless customer service sets us apart. We also provide various compatible accessories for the products purchased.

The drinking water purification filters come fitted with digital electronic control, provide huge litres of clean water, and indicates when filters require change. Select from the Ultra, Ph or Ph Plus range of water filters as required.

Why should you choose us?

SBM Water filters follow a multi-tiered water purification process to provide safe, clean, and good tasting water.

The SBM water purification process

Both home and commercial water filters are suited to provide large quantities of purified water quickly. Each filter comes fitted with specially designed Sediment cartridges that help remove impurities and fine solid particles of all kinds.

The Activated Carbon Cartridge helps in eliminating metal, plastic, drug, chlorine, or toxic chemical residues.

The semi-permeable RO Membrane helps to provide 97% purification, making it fit for drinking.

UV Lamp incorporates the advanced disinfection technology while the Remineralisation cartridge ensures the presence of important minerals, that maintain taste, fresh odour, and optimal ph. balance.