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Water Filter System for Homes

Importance of Using High-Grade Water Filter Systems in Your Homes


Remove harmful substances

Helps to remove harmful substances and chemicals from water while retaining the beneficial ones


Improves the taste and smell of drinking water

Toxins Removed

Makes water safer to drink by removing toxins


More economical to install a water filter system at home compared to buying bottled water every day.

Boosts immunity

Protects from diseases

Removal of chlorine

The removal of chlorine in water can prevent exposure to carcinogenic substances

Importance of Using High-Grade Water Filter Systems in Your Homes:

Wide Range of Products for Varied Residential and Commercial Needs

Choose from the affordable yet premium, sustainable range of water filters such as Home PH Plus Water Filter, Home Ultra Water Filter to obtain safe clean water for residential use.

Best Water Filter Systems and Water Purification Products for Homes

SBM Filtration Process

The water filtration process is multi-level and maintains industry standards to provide the best taste, health, and protection with every sip.

The Sediment Cartridge Home Ultra Water Filter/ Sediment Cartridge Home Ph or Ph Plus Water Filter removes all foreign particles such as fine grains of sand, clay, dirt, and solid impurities.

The Activated Carbon Cartridge Home Ultra Water Filter helps in eliminating industrial production, heavy metal, chlorine, insecticides, plastics, toxic chemical, or drug residues. Available for Home Ph Plus and Home Ph Water Filters as well.

RO Membrane Home Ultra Water Filter helps to clear impurities through a special semi-permeable membrane up to 97%. The filtered pure H2O is safe for consumption.

UV Lamp Home Ultra Water Filter incorporates the advanced disinfection technology while the Remineralisation cartridge ensures the presence of important minerals, that maintain taste, fresh odour, and optimal ph. balance.

Why should you choose us?

SBM Water Filter Systems for homes and commercial spaces are reviewed and recommended by customers worldwide. The products maintain high-quality standards and are known for providing the best home water filter systems in the UK, France, and Germany and other countries in Europe.