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Water Filter for Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions

The Need for Good Quality Water Supply. Annual Maintenance Available. Based in Hertfordshire


Improves Immunity

Drinking adequate water helps to detoxify the body and protects the body from numerous disorders.

Increases Alertness

A well-hydrated body prevents brain fog and fatigue by improving blood circulation, which helps increasing focus.

Encourages drinking

Drinking clean water with good taste promotes a healthier habit, instead of looking for sugary drinks.

Better performance

Pure water keeps the body and minds healthy which helps to focus and work better in studies and extracurricular activities.

SBM Water Filter Systems for schools, colleges, residential or commercial spaces are highly recommended by customers worldwide. We offer a wide range of compatible filter cartridges of the highest quality and other related accessories.

We supply the best water filter system easily available in several European countries, especially the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy.
SBM Water filtration systems follow a multi-tiered purification system that helps to provide safe and good tasting drinking water.

FAQS on Water Filter for Schools

What are included in the Annual Maintenance ?

SBM water offers an annual maintenance service which also includes the annual filter change of all filtration systems.


1-year warranty for commercial premises.