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The Importance of using high quality water filter systems in offices

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Water Filter for Offices

Minimises risk of diseases

Clean drinking water is free from disease-causing germs and eliminates the risk of infection.

Need for hydration

Working for long hours in air-conditioned offices often lead to extreme fatigue and dehydration, which can cause a number of physiological problems.

Better performance

A well-hydrated body helps to maintain alertness and improves focus.

Relieves digestive disorders and headaches

Sitting for long hours in front of computers can cause eye strain and headaches, along with digestive problems. Drinking enough water helps to provide relief.

Water Filter for Offices. SBM Water Filter Systems for offices and other commercial workspaces are best suited to provide clean and well-purified drinking water. These water filtration systems can be installed under the sink, such as the SBM Ultra Water Filter. It helps to provide large litres of purified water straight from the tap.
Standing water filter units such as the ICAN Floor Standing Filter help to provide filtered water 24/7 in a convenient and economical manner.

Why should you choose us?

Widely Recommended

SBM Water Filters are widely recommended by international customers in the UK, France, Spain, or Switzerland, with services all over Europe. We provide seamless customer consultation and quick installation services, along with premium compatible accessories

The SBM water purification process

SBM Water filters follow a multi-tiered water purification process and are fitted with an integrated pump to provide safe consumable water.
The Nanofiltration process conducted by the Sediment and Activated Carbon Cartridges eliminates nearly 99% solid and chemical contaminates, while removing harmful bacteria, chlorine, and metallic residues.
The Reverse Osmosis helps to prevent limescale stains and other precipitates while retaining the alkaline properties of water.
UV Lamp helps in advanced disinfection while the Remineralisation cartridge ensures the presence of important minerals, that help to maintain the taste and fresh odour.

Wide range of water filters

The filters are designed with digital electronic control that even indicates when filters require change. Select from the Ultra, Ph or Ph Plus range of water filters as required.