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Importance of using high quality water filter systems in gyms:

Better Hydration Better performance

Water Filter for Gyms

Clean Water equals to safety

Clean water eliminates the chances of digestive disorders and health hazards

Need for hydration

Exercising leads to heavy sweating and loss of water which can cause a hormonal and salt imbalance in the body. Access to safe drinking water prevents the dangers of dehydration.

Better performance

A hydrated body is a healthy body that functions properly and is more focused.

Boosts energy levels

Loss of fluid can greatly affect energy and brain functions. Adequate hydration relieves oxidative stress and keeps you motivated.

SBM Water Filter Systems for gyms, wellness and other commercial fitness centres are best suited to provide clean and well-purified drinking water at economical prices.

Some SBM water filtration systems can be installed under the sink as tap water filters to provide a large quantity of purified water straight from the tap.

Our standing water filter units like the ICAN Floor Standing Filter is a sustainable choice for large commercial spaces with an assured 24/7 supply of clean refreshing water.

Why should you choose us?

SBM Water Filters are widely providing customer services, quick and simple installation process, premium products, and high-quality compatible accessories to international customers in the UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, and all over Europe.

The SBM water purification process

The multi-level Nanofiltration and water purification process conducted by the Sediment and Activated Carbon Cartridges, Reverse Osmosis, UV Lamp and Remineralisation eliminates nearly 99% solid and chemical contaminates while removing harmful bacteria, chlorine, and metallic residues. It retains the alkaline properties of water and ensures the presence of important minerals which contribute to the good taste.