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Benefits of switching to water filter bottles

Removes 99.9% of viruses

SBM UK Water Filter Bottle

Clean Drinking water anywhere

Clean drinking water reduces health hazards and the risk of infection.


Lightweight portable design, with advanced disinfection system to help provide safe water anytime and in any place.


Long-lasting, high-grade material of the bottle prevents additional expenses from buying plastic bottled water.

Environment Friendly

Filter water bottles eliminate the need to buy plastic bottles which are non-biodegradable and may compromise on the quality of water.

SBM Water Filter bottles are delivered hassle-free internationally, with a wide customer base in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

Water Filter Bottle from SBM water UK

Handy Healthcare

SBM Water filters are fitted with a two step advanced water filtration system to help provide safe and refreshing water, with every sip which keeps you hydrated all day.

The water filter bottle removes Chlorine, Heavy Metals and VOC’s and reduces 99% Viruses and Bacteria.


Leak-proof lock

Dustproof cap

BPA free (Tritan)

Replacement sticker

Dishwasher safe

Varied Choices

The Hydrogen Water Filter Bottle comes loaded with the benefits of drinking hydrogen infused water, which contains anti-inflammatory and oxidative stress reduction properties. It contributes to energy boost and better health.

The SBM Water Filter Bottle is a traveller’s best friend for healthy, safe drinking water on-the-go.