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Tap water filter systems

Importance of using high grade tap water filter systems

Pure mineralised water straight from the tap!


Removes chlorine from water while retaining the beneficial ones.

Better Taste

Contributes to the refreshing taste of drinking water and removes foul odour


It is sustainable and environment-friendly to install a tap water filter system than buying plastic bottled water every day.


You can enjoy fresh water directly from the tap, instead of having to refill bottles constantly.

Pure mineralised water straight from the tap!

SBM Tap Water Filter Systems for homes and commercial spaces are recommended by customers worldwide.
We are known for providing the best tap water purification systems and under the sink filters in the UK, France, Spain Germany, and other countries in Europe.

SBM filtration process

Filtration process

The multi-step water filtration process is to provide the best taste and protection with every sip.
The Sediment Cartridge removes foreign particles such as fine grains of sand, clay, dirt, and solid impurities.
The Activated Carbon Cartridge helps in eliminating metal, chlorine, plastics, toxic chemical, or drug residues.
A special semi-permeable RO membrane filters all other kinds of contaminants up to 97% to provide pure H2O.
UV Lamp disinfects while the Remineralisation cartridge ensures the presence of important minerals and alkalinity.