Pronto Water Filter


The Home Pronto is the entry into the best-filtered water. Ideal for Home, caravans or boats
24/7 pure water on tap

+ Refreshing taste & pleasant smell
+ Environmental Friendly
+ Convenient & Save Money
+ Improve your Health & Wellbeing
+ Highest level of quality and safety
+ Suitable for Students, Holiday home and Caravans


The Home Pronto is the entry into the best-filtered water. It is a hygienic water dispenser with 2 litres, easy to clean storage tank. With a weight of only 10kg, the device is easily transportable and can therefore be used everywhere. Simply fill the supply tank with 4 litres of tap water, insert the system and press the button. After 20 minutes, 2 litres of pure and tasty water is available. This device is recommended for those who do not want a fixed installation. It is perfect for apartments, second homes when you work in different places or abroad. This is an ideal water filter For caravans or boats.

Pronto Water FilterĀ  4-Stage filter process.
Nanofiltration takes out over 99% of contaminants and removes pollutants like Toxic Metals, Viruses, Bacteria, Hormones, Chlorine, Fluoride, Antibiotics, Limescale, Chemicals and many more.
Purified, mineralised and slightly alkaline water through our unique Reverse Osmosis Process.
scale prevention
BPA Free


1 x Machine
1 x Carbon filter
1 x Sediment filter
1 x Remineralisation Filter
1 x RO Membrane
1 x Plug Converter


Holiday home
Operate from a cigarette lighter.

Technical Features

W x H x D: 25.0 x 41.5 x 38.0cm
No installation required power connection is sufficient
Daily performance approx. 144 litres
Produces 2 litres of purified water within 20 minutes
Easy operation with 1-button touch system
4 litres tank for tap water
2 litres tank for purified water
Certified according to UNE149101 standard and absolutely Bisphenol-A free (BPA)
Quick-change closure of the pre-filter
Empty weight 10.3kg

Frequency of the Replacement of Filter/Cartridges/Accessories

Activated carbon filter: 1 year(depending on inlet water)
Sediment filter: 1 Year(depending on inlet water)
Remineralization: 1 year(depending on inlet water)
Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 2 years(depending on inlet water)


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