SBM Pandora Water Filter

Osmosis/ Microfiltration

+ Ideal use for offices, restaurants, cafés, bars, spas, gym, and hotels
+ Natural, cold and sparkling water
+ Refreshing taste & pleasant smell
+ Under the sink with 3-way tap
+ Highest level of quality and safety
+ Compact design to fit in most spaces
+ Reverse Osmosis or Microfiltration
+ Production: osmotic water 90/120 Lt/h
+ Booster pump
+ Connect Co2 cylinder
+ Electronic management and control unit
+ BPA Free and environmentally friendly
+ CE Certification

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The SBM Pandora Water Filter is ideally suited for offices, golf clubs, bars, spas, gym, restaurants, cafés and hotels. The unique filter process produces purified, mineralized and slightly alkaline water for better health and wellbeing. This system provides 24/7 natural, cold and sparkling water on tap. The 3-way tap is suitable for all worktops and sinks and can replace any existing kitchen tap. It is convenient, saves money and the environment.
The filter system impresses with a modern and compact design, high performance of up to 90-120 litres of pure water per hour. The pleasantly soft-tasting water provides you with a sensational enjoyment of tea, coffee, and food.

Box Includes

Depends on the chosen option of either Reverse Osmosis or Microfiltration.

Reverse Osmosis

1 x Machine
1 x Carbon filter
2 x Sediment filter
1 x Remineralisation Filter
2 x RO Membrane
1 x Co2 cylinder


1 x Machine
1 x Carbon filter
1 x Sediment filter
1 x Co2 cylinder

Technical Features

W x H x D: 28.0 x 43.5 x 35.5cm

Weight: 26kg
Up to 90-120 litres pure Water per hour
Standard electronic 3-way tab


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