Home ph plus Water Filter

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+ Modern compact design ideal for home and small offices
+ Unique 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Process with added minerals
+ Increase or decrease the ph of the water
+ Removes up to 99.9% contaminants from tap water
+ High pure water production rate with minimum wastewater
+ Separate tap suitable for most types of kitchen sink
+ Installation is quick and requires low maintenance
+ Manufactured in Europe
+ NSF highest standard certified
+ Installed by our professional certified plumbers
+ Bluetooth app to check important parameters


The SBM Home ph plus filter system is ideally suited for home use and small offices. It is recommended for those who value a healthy diet and a sustainable lifestyle. By its purified, remineralized and slightly alkaline water, it supports the body in a very natural way in its metabolic tasks and in the excretion of toxins from the body. A unique feature include an open tank with a UV lamp that kills any bacteria.

Nanofiltration takes out over 99.9% contaminants and removes pollutants like Toxic Metals, Viruses, Bacteria, Hormones, Chlorine, Fluoride, Antibiotics, Limescale, Chemicals and many more. With the extraction pump, 8 litres of water can be extracted from the tank at one time.

The water tastes pleasantly soft and allows the enjoyment of tea, coffee and food in a new extended dimension of taste. Carrying plastic bottles are a thing of the past.
Also suitable for Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, aquarium water, pets and interior plants, bonsai etc.


1 x Machine
1x Tap
1 x Carbon filter
1 x Sediment filter
1 x Remineralisation Filter
1 x RO Membrane
1 x UV Lamp
1 x John Guest Valve

Technical Features

W x L x H: 260mm x 345mm x 350mm
Daily performance approx. 200 litres/ day
Automatic self-cleaning of the membrane
UV disinfection unit
Electronically controlled solenoid valve for the water supply
Digital electronic control with fault messages and filter change indicators
Pressureless compact device for home use and small offices
Complete filter system (sediment filter, activated carbon filter,
Osmosis membrane and post-filter for remineralization and UV lamp)

Replacement of Filter/Cartridges/Accessories

Activated carbon filter: 1 year (depending on inlet water)
Sediment filter: 3-12 months (depending on inlet water)
Remineralization: 1-2 year
Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 3 years (depending on inlet water)
UV Lamp: 8000 hours or 2 years


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