SBM Ultra Water Filter

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+ Ideal use for home, medium offices and restaurants and cafés
+ 3-way tap suitable for all worktops and sinks
+ UV Purification and scale prevention
+ Removes up to 99.9% contaminants from tap water
+ Unique 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Process with added minerals
+ High pure water production rate with minimum wastewater
+ Compact design to fit in most spaces
+ Bluetooth app to check important parameters
+ BPA Free and environmentally friendly
+ Refreshing taste & a pleasant smell
+ Highest level of quality and safety
+ Installation is quick and requires low maintenance


The SBM Ultra Water Filter is ideally suited for home, medium offices and restaurants and cafés. The unique 5 stage filter process produces purified, mineralized and slightly alkaline water for better health and wellbeing. This system provides 24/7 pure water on tap. It is convenient, saves money and the environment. There is no more carrying of heavy water bottles.

A unique feature includes an open tank with a UV lamp that kills any bacteria. Nanofiltration takes out over 99% of contaminants and removes pollutants like Toxic Metals, Viruses, Bacteria, Hormones, Chlorine, Fluoride, Antibiotics, Limescale, Chemicals and many more. The filter system impresses with a modern and compact design, high performance of up to 20 litres of pure water per hour as well as another pure water to wastewater ratio of 1:1. The standard noise reduced booster pump ensures that the system always operates in the optimum range, regardless of the pressure of the tap water. Another highlight is the electronic 3-way tap which replaces your existing kitchen tap.

The pleasantly soft-tasting water provides you with a sensational enjoyment of tea, coffee, and food. The water is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, aquarium water, pets and interior plants, bonsai etc.


1 x Machine
1 x Carbon filter
1 x Sediment filter
1 x Remineralisation Filter
1 x RO Membrane
1 x UV Lamp

Technical Features

W x H x D: 27.1 x 39.8 x 34.1cm
Up to 20 litres pure Water per hour
Standard electronic 3-way tab.
Pressureless 5 litres tank
Automatic self-cleaning of the membrane
Bluetooth App to check important parameters
Shut-off valve with check valve (DVGW tested)

Frequency of the Replacement of Filter/Cartridges/Accessories

Activated carbon filter: 1 year (depending on inlet water)
Sediment filter: 3-12 months (depending on inlet water)
Remineralization: 1-2 year
Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 3 years (depending on inlet water)
UV Lamp: 8000 hours or 2 years


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