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SBM Water Reviews

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We highly recommend SBM water

We highly recommend SBM water, It saved me and my wife Emma £800 a year in bottled water we were buying because We could not drink the tap water in St.Albans Where we live. It smelt and tasted awful but since we’ve had the SBM water system fitted to our house tap it’s been a delight to drink and the saving of plastic going into our environment helps us feel good too .We both recommend SBM water very very satisfied customers .We will be recommending Amandeep professional services to friends and family .Many thanks again Amandeep!

Ian Yuill

We used the mobile water filter. I am very impressed with the water quality. It makes a huge difference in purity, and taste. To the point that – including the kids – we all drank more as a result! And the service and consultation is top-notch, too. I highly recommend sbm water filters.

Tanja Bevan

After using usual water filter for years we have been using Sbm Water for the past 6 months. The water tastes so good, even better than bottled water. My kettle is sparkling clean – no calc residue. We use SBM water for everything, drinking and cooking. We also fill our bottles before leaving home…no more buying plastic bottled water, great for the environment and our pockets. I highly recommend this product and also the service was so smooth during installation.

Nilanjana Chakraborty

I have had one of these water filters for nearly a year now and myself and my family are very impressed by our water quality. The water is clear, soft and leaves no lime scale in our kettle or pans. Huge improvement to our lives. I can’t recommend this machine enough. Five star…..

Robert Innes

The water quality seems to be improved, more so the taste is definitely better. Personally was very impressed with the clarity and taste of the water that came out of this machine. Surely worth getting one.

Krunal Kothari

The SBM Water filter is amazing! We all deserve the best quality in water and until now I had no idea what my family and I were drinking. Unfortunately the local water is not good but I am very happy that I now know the solution that meets our needs. With the new SBM filter, we are going to improve our life!

Eva Kriki

We have had our SBM water filter fitted by Aman couple of weeks ago. We are in love with the water system as such. It looks stylish and the water is really pure. The most amazing part is NO MORE LIMESCALE in our kettle! I am very happy with the water quality and the taste of it makes us drink more water. Very happy that we have taken the decision to switch our water filter to SBM WATER. We proudly recommend SBM WATER to our friends and family.

Srividya Madduri

There is a great difference in the water taste of SBM water UK. It is a lot better than most waters I have tasted. Well done to you all.

Michael Heichelheim

I am very happy with this SBM water machine. The water is clear, soft. It is much better than any other waters that I drank. I would recommend to use for kids. It’s very good for cooking and also for drinking. I love it.

Paulina Szymanska

I have been looking for a way of having clean and safe drinking water for quite some time now. I have been using various water filters/jugs over the years, some cheaper some more expensive but always with one intention in mind. To me it was extremely important that my water filter not only protect my kettle from limescale and clear my drinking water from calcium. I needed something that will give me the purest and safest water I can find. Free from hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, aluminum, pesticides and all other harmful particles that can be found in unfiltered tap water. SBM Water UK products give me just that. Finally. The installation is quick and very professional and everyone at SBM Water is super friendly and very knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend doing a water test with them, and then you will never look back.

Ewelina Pisulska

My family have been enjoying clean, healthy water for over a year now. The team at SBM go above and beyond with customer service and support. A key part of our health is having pure water! Thank you SBM!

Anya Bellinger